1. In these conditions, TANDZORG.NL refers to the individual practitioner, including the employees working in this practice. Patient refers to the patient or his legal representative(s)
2. The general terms and conditions form an integral part of the treatment agreement(s) between TANDZORG.NL and the patient. They are made available to the patient or his legal presentative(s) beforehand or when closing of the agreement(s), are present in the waiting room and are sent on request.

3. The care provider is entitled to engage third parties in the execution of the agreement. He will exercise due care in choosing these third parties and, if reasonably possible, consult with the patient in advance, with the exception of observers and dental technicians. The care provider is not liable for the behavior of these third parties.
4. Articles 7: 404, 7: 409 and 7: 422 paragraph 1 of the Dutch Civil Code do not apply.

Treatment and information
5. Prior to each dental treatment, the practitioner draws up a treatment plan that is discussed with the patient. This plan contains a description of the services to be performed by the care provider for the treatment in question and, if possible, the expected consequences and risks for the health of the patient and alternative methods and treatments that are eligible. The information is provided at a suitable level for the patient and the healthcare provider checks whether the the information is clear to the patient.
6. Prior to any treatment over € 250 (two hundred and fifty euros), the patient or his legal representative is provided with a written and / or digital estimate. This estimate includes the treatment plan, the rate to be charged per treatment, as well as an estimate of the material and technical cost.
7. Dental laboratory pieces such as crowns, bridges and dentures are manufactured in a dental laboratory. The cost for a workpiece depend on the degree of difficulty and on the materials. Dental laboratory cost included in a budget are an indication, the actual price is presented upon delivery.
8. In the event of a change in the treatment plan, unforeseen complications during the treatment or if the budget is exceeded, the care provider will inform the patient about this, if possible in writing.
9. The patient is obliged to provide all information and documents that the care provider needs in order to execute the treatment agreement, timely and in the desired form and in the desired manner. Extra costs arising from the non-availability, late, improper or incomplete provision of the requested data will be at the patient’s expense.
10. The patient is responsible for the accuracy, completeness and reliability of the data and documents made available to the care provider.

Cost and payment
11. The treatment cost, including the cost of technology and materials, are charged to and are due by the patient, regardless the reimbursement by a health insurer. The cost of treatment of minors are charged to and are due by the legal representative(s).
12. All treatments must be paid directly after the treatment either by cash or pin at the front desk. You receive a specified bill. If the bill is not paid or is not paid on time, TANDZORG.NL is entitled to hand over the claim for collection. The associated cost and the statutory interest are borne by the patient.
13. The care provider calculates the treatment cost in accordance with the Rates List for Dentistry and General Provisions as approved or established by the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZa). Amendments to the Rates List for Dentistry and General Provisions are reserved.
14. If a change in the rates leads to a price change of the agreed treatment, the care provider will inform the patient about this in writing prior to the treatment.
15. Dental laboratory pieces must be paid for immediately after the treatment based on the bill of the dental laboratory. This invoice may differ from the indication in the estimate. TANDZORG.NL provides/submits the bill upon payment. The bill of the dental laboratory is independent of the treatment cost of TANDZORG.NL.
16. If desired, you will receive a reminder of your appointment by text message and / or e-mail. Appointments must be canceled 48 hours before the treatment if necessary due to force majeure. In case of no or late cancellation of the appointment, the care provider is entitled to charge the reserved time and/or the agreed treatment cost. You can cancel an appointment by e-mail: and during office opening hours by calling 010-436 16 04

Reclaims and complaints
17. After treatment, you have access to the invoice at the front desk, you can check it and ask any questions, or have adjustments made. Complaints about invoices must be submitted in writing to the care provider within 8 days of the invoice date, failing which the patient is deemed to have accepted the invoice as being correct. Submitting a complaint about an invoice does not suspend the payment term and obligation. The same applies to complaints submitted to the Dentistry Complaints Committee or any other authority.
18. Complaints regarding treatment or mistreatment must be submitted in the manner as described on the website of TANDZORG.NL.
19. The care provider will comply with the requirements of privacy legislation and professional code.
20. The patient will refrain from negative comments about the care provider or TANDZORG.NL to third parties, also on social media and, if applicable, to bring these as a complaint to the practice.

21. The liability of the care provider is limited to the amount to which the professional liability insurance taken out by the care provider gives entitlement, if applicable, plus the amount of the care provider’s deductible under the insurance.