At TANDZORG.NL we do our utmost to help and treat you as well as possible. We regularly measure customer satisfaction to keep informed of your wishes and needs. That is why we appreciate it if you share your experiences with our practice in general and employees with us. However, it is possible that not everything is to your satisfaction. Even then we are there for you.



1.  Discuss your complaint with the employee directly.
It is best to discuss your complaint directly with the TANDZORG.NL employee who treated you. In desired we can  schedule a meeting for this in our consultation room.

2. Inform our front desk
If you do not want to contact the employee directly, you can address the TANDZORG.NL front desk using the feedback form or a personal letter. The complaints committee will then discusses your complaint with the relevant employee and will contact you within a week to schedule further consultation.

3. Submit your complaint to an independent complaints committee
If the efforts mentioned in 1. and 2. do not lead to a satisfactory result, you can submit your complaint to an independent complaints committee:
ANT (Association of Dutch Dentists)
Telephone number: 023-524 93 87

Dental Information Point (TIP) (founded by the KNMT)
Telephone number: 0900-20 25 012 (€ 0.15 per minute)