First visit

If you are looking for a dental practice that can provide you with complete dental care in a professional manner, then you are most welcome at TANDZORG.NL.
In addition to dentists, we also have dental hygienists, dental technicians, a nutritionist and a dental surgeon at our practice. Moreover, we have a good cooperation with speech therapists, orofacial physiotherapists and orthodontists.

You can register by completing the registration form. To get a good idea of your health in general and dental wishes in particular, please answer the questions as completely as possible. If you have pain complaints that need to be remedied immediately, you can also specify this on the registration form. We will of course take this into account when planning your first appointment.

First appointment

Based on the information you provide on the registration form, we determine which practitioner best suits your dental needs. During your first visit you will be introduced to this practitioner. He or she will explain the course of events in our practice and discuss the possible treatments with you. To gain insight into the current state of your teeth, X-rays are taken and / or the photos from your file are assessed and a treatment plan is made according to your dental wishes. The following will be discussed with you:
• The number of treatments needed
• The expected result
• The potential risks
• The cost

Cost en Reimbursement

We will charge you for your first visit, even if treatment has not yet taken place. We calculate costs for the consultation, the X-rays and any (emergency) treatment.
Our practice policy is that you pay the invoice of your treatment at the front desk by PIN or cash. You will receive a specified bill that you can send to your health care provider for reimbursement.

TANDZORG.NL uses PIEN Support, a software that quickly and easily calculates your contribution to your treatment. This way our front desk can provide you with information about the reimbursement of your treatment or of the estimate that your practitioner has made for you. These amounts are always subject to change and no rights can be derived from it.

Free Parking

Behind our practice you can park for free at parking spaces 1 to 6 of TANDZORG.NL. You will get access to the parking after ringing the bell on the left next to the garage door at number 194. After parking your car, walk back to the entrance of our practice at number 192.

Questions when registering

1 What happens to my file?
A dental file containing all the details relating to treatments is kept for every patient. You have the right to consult your own medical file. All our dentists have access to your file as well. If you transfer to another dental practice, you can ask TANDZORG.NL to send your file to the new dentist.

2 Does TANDZORG.NL request my old data / file from my previous dentist?
Your patient file can be requested only by you, or by parents or a representative of the patient. If you have any questions, please contact our front desk by calling 010-4361604

3 Can I have an introduction first before I transfer?
You can schedule an appointment for an introduction. Based on this meeting you can decide whether you actually want to become a patient in our practice. It also gives us the opportunity to determine whether we are the right healthcare provider for you, tailored to your wishes and needs.