When I eat / drink something hot / cold my teeth/molars hurt.
There are a number of possible causes for teeth and molars to become sensitive to hot and / or cold. The most common cause is the exposure of the base of the teeth. This is fairly harmless and very common. Receding gum lines cause dentin to become exposed. This can cause sensitivity, often with cold drinks.
Another possibility may be that the nerve of a tooth is irritated or inflamed. This can then become hypersensitive to hot and/or cold. In this case it might be necessary to perform a root canal treatment.
When in doubt, it is best to contact Tandzorg.nl.

A piece of my tooth has broken off.
Although a broken tooth does not always cause pain, it is important to have your dentist examine the tooth as soon as possible.

A piece of my crown / filling has broken off / my crown has fallen out. Can this be repaired?
To evaluate the situation it is important that you make an appointment on the next working day. We can then determine the treatment for replacing the crown / repairing the filling.
If possible, we will restore the crown right away. Direct repair also applies to minor repairs to molars and/or fillings. Sometimes a follow up visit might be needed as the repair will take up more time and will not be ready right away. A new appointment will then be scheduled at the front desk.

A tooth has been pulled and the socket keeps bleeding. Is this normal?
After pulling a tooth, it is normal for the socket to bleed slightly for the first 24 hours. The saliva can thereby be coloured red or pink. Although it may look a bit eerie, an after bleeding is rarely dangerous. To ensure that healing proceeds as optimally as possible, DO NOT rinse the mouth forcefully for the first 24 hours. By doing so you can remove the blood clot that is created in the socket. Do not touch the wound, but make a roll of approximately 1 of 2 cm from folded gauze or a clean cloth. Place this on the wound and bite down on this for one hour. It is important not to open the mouth in the meantime or to replace the gauze or cloth.
Painkillers containing (acetyl) salicylic acid (eg Aspirin), smoking and consuming alcohol can slow down the forming of a blood clot.

A tooth has been pulled and it starts to swell. Should I be worried?
After a tooth has been pulled, swelling may occur for a few days. This is more often the case with surgical removal (done by a dental surgeon) of wisdom teeth. The swelling usually decreases automatically.
If you have any other symptoms besides swelling such as fever, pain, a limited mouth opening, difficulty swallowing or breathing, it is best to contact Tandzorg.nl. We are also available for consultation outside opening hours.

My denture is broken. Can I have this repaired at TANDZORG.NL?
When your denture is broken it is best to call the dental laboratory technician on 010-4361604. He or she will examine the cause and can professionally repair your denture.