The Dental practice ensures that patient information is handled carefully in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. Patient refers to the patient or his legal representative. All employees of TANDZORG.NL are required to maintain confidentiality.

How do we get the data
Personal data is deducted or derived from data provided orally and in writing by the patient or by others involved in the treatment, such as for example by the health insurer, the general practitioner or other practitioners.

Why and how do we process data
The dental practice processes data for the following purposes:
a. Treatment of the patient;
b. Informing and contacting the patient and the person(s) involved in the treatment;
c. Financial administration;
d. For our internal educational purposes.
Only TANDZORG.NL employees are involved. The data of our patients are stored in a digital patient file. The file is kept up to date after each contact. The data processing will be obtained for the needed purposes only. After the last treatment, the data is stored for at least 15 years in accordance with the law.

Right to access and change
The patient has the right to access his or her personal file, to request changes and to request a copy of this information.

The processing of data is done with the express consent of the data subject and this consent can be withdrawn at any time.