When filling a cavity a dental dam is used. This is a rubber cloth, isolating the tooth to be treated from the rest of the mouth keeping it dry during the treatment. An additional advantage is that less water and dental materials can get into your mouth or throat. The use of local anaesthetics is possible but not always needed. The dentist will remove the decay using a drill. Next the cavity will be cleaned and the tooth coloured composite resin is placed in the area. This is then hardened by a cured light. The dentist will shape the material to the desired result and polish the restoration.


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Most commonly used codes, depending the used materials, anesthesia and areas to fill:
V91 € 49,38 Single surface resin filling
V92 € 64,81 Double surface resin filling
V93 € 77,15 Triple surface resin filling
V94 € 98,76 Multiple surface resin filling
V50 € 12,34 Rubber dam
A10 € 15,43 Local anesthesia

Invoices must be paid directly after your treatment at the front desk either by pin or cash. Each patient requires its own specific treatment, therefore, costs per patient may vary. Prices are according to the Dental Care Performance and Rate Decision of the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZA), valid from: 01-01-2022up to and including 31-12-2022. For more information, please visit

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