Your child can visit the dentist from the age of six months, as soon as the primary teeth come through. During the oral examination you are requested to sit with your knees against the knees of the dentist. Your child will lie with its head on the dentist’s lap and with its legs on your lap. You are will be asked to hold your child’s hands and keep eye contact with your child. This allows the dentist to properly examine your child’s mouth.

We perform the oral examination “in the chair” at the age of two years and up with the exception of questions or accidents. Regular visits allow the child to become familiar with the dental visit routine.

Cavities in the primary teeth are treated child friendly. We grind and fluoridate affected molars. Children respond better to this treatment than to a filling. Anaesthesia is usually not necessary. By keeping up the proper oral care as advised by the dentist the decay stops which is the purpose of the treatment. We will of course fill cavities in the permanent teeth. During the appointment we explain how you can best keep your child’s teeth healthy.

The dentist may refer your child to the dental hygienist for advise on the correct method of brushing their teeth. During this consultation, your child’s teeth will be coloured with pink pigment. This is absorbed by the dental plaque. In this way it will become visible which areas need extra attention. Together we can determine what solution is best for your child.


For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact our front desk by calling us on 010-4361604.


Most commonly used codes are:
C002 €23,45 Periodical check up
C003 €23,45 Problem-oriented consultation
C22 €22,91 Written medical history
X10 €17,78 X-Ray
M05 €27,78 Slicing and or applying fluoride

Invoices must be paid directly after your treatment at the front desk either by pin or cash. Each patient requires its own specific treatment, therefore, costs per patient may vary. Prices are according to the Dental Care Performance and Rate Decision of the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZA), valid from: 01-01-2022 up to and including 31-12-2022. For more information, please visit

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