This so-called slit may have been caused during the replacement of the primary teeth with the permanent teeth, but there are other reasons. Often the cause is genetic, for example when children get their father’s teeth but the jawbone of their mother, or vice versa. The teeth may then be too small for the dental arch in which they are located. A diastema can also occur when you are used to push your tongue towards the teeth when swallowing food.

Depending on the cause of the slit, a treatment plan will be made. The dentist will discuss this with you. The extra space is usually filled with composite to make the teeth appear wider and the gap will be narrowed to a distance that is acceptable to you.


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The exact cost for filling the diastema, you can schedule a cosmetic intake with dentist Linde Rooijakkers, who will provide you with a treatment plan and estimate.

Invoices must be paid directly after your treatment at the front desk either by pin or cash. Each patient requires its own specific treatment, therefore, costs per patient may vary. Prices are according to the Dental Care Performance and Rate Decision of the Dutch Healthcare Authority (NZA), valid from: 01-01-2022 up to and including 31-12-2022. For more information, please visit

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Most people experience a diastema (extra space between two or more teeth) as disturbing between the two front teeth in the upper jaw.
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